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Everyone’s sharing this video of a man saving a rabbit from the California wildfires


Destructive wildfires have torn across thousands of acres in Southern California since Monday night, destroying homes, forcing evacuations, and displacing thousands of residents as a result. 

In the days since, nightmarish photos and videos of three massive wildfires in the Los Angeles area have been widely circulated. On Thursday morning, one video in particular seems to have struck a chord for its sweetness: A brief clip that appears to show an unnamed man rescuing a rabbit from the blaze in Ventura County.

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The man in the clip from RMG News (shared on Twitter by ABC News) reportedly declined to share his story on camera. 

(It should go without saying that getting this close to a wildfire is extremely dangerous and not recommended.)

Per CNN, more than 110,000 Southern California residents have been forced to evacuate their homes as the fires spread. 

Thursday in particular looks to be a potentially devastating day for the area, with exceptionally strong winds and extreme dry air. The Storm Prediction Center estimates that Thursday’s conditions will affect 9.5 million people. As Mashable reported, powerful Santa Ana winds have enabled wildfire to move quickly across hundreds of thousands of acres of land, and may continue to do so into Saturday

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